came up in the year 2006. Though it may just seem to be 10 years old, we have achieved a lot in the field of Surface Preparation Industry.

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is one of the leading company in surface preparation technology, offering a complete range of air blast/peening, wheel blast/peening solutions.

Tradition of Innovation

, is one of the leading surface preparation company since 2006. has committed itself to differentiating its offer through thought-leadership in design and manufacturing. We offer a comprehensive range of surface preparation technologies, parts and services and are always ready to improve our customers’ productivity and profitability.

Leading companies in the foundry, automotive, aerospace, energy, marine, rail, construction and many other industries have used our products and services to improve productivity and profitability for over years. ’s problem solving techniques of customers is unique in the industry.

Our technical experts work closely with customers to design specific solutions to meet their operating needs. This approach has been so well received by the market that approximately two‐thirds of our equipment are custom engineered to the precise specifications of the customer. The remaining one third are standard items which incorporate the same level of quality and reliability, but can be delivered at a competitive price.


Wheel blasting directly converts electric motor energy into kinetic abrasive energy by rotating a turbine wheel.


wheel blast machines are used where big parts or large areas of parts have to be derusted, descaled, deburred, or cleaned in some form.


Shot Peening is a process specifically designed to enhance the fatigue strength of components which are subject to high alternating stress.

Air Blasting Machines

Air blast machines can take the form of a blast room or a blast cabinet, the blast media is pneumatically accelerated by compressed air

Blast Room System

The main feature of blast room system is that the operator is inside the room during the blasting process.

Paint Booth System

Paint spray booths can be separated into many different type classifications based on the method in which the air flow

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