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Electric Grout Pump

Surface international manufactured electric grout pumps ......

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Portable Blasting

The portable blasting machine is a safe as well as very highly productive...

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Roll Etching Machine

The rolls used in rolling mills need roughness on their surface to a certain...

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Strip Cleaning Machine

Primarily three types of steel strips are used in industries and these ...

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Welcome To Surface International

Surface International is one of the leading company in surface preparation technology, offering a complete range of air blast/peening, wheel blast/peening solutions.

Tradition of Innovation

Surface International, is one of the leading surface preparation company since 2006. Surface International has committed itself to differentiating its offer through thought-leadership in design and manufacturing. We offer a comprehensive range of surface preparation technologies, parts and services and are always ready to improve our customers’ productivity and profitability.

Leading companies in the foundry, automotive, aerospace, energy, marine, rail, construction and many other industries have used our products and services to improve productivity and profitability for over years. SURFACE International’s problem solving techniques of customers is unique in the industry.

Our technical experts work closely with customers to design specific solutions to meet their operating needs. This approach has been so well received by the market that approximately two‐thirds of our equipment are custom engineered to the precise specifications of the customer. The remaining one third are standard items which incorporate the same level of Surface International quality and reliability, but can be delivered at a competitive price.



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